Frequently Asked Questions

What does IDX stand for?
IDX means "Internet Data Exchange."  It's what allows us to offer public searching of the MLS directly from your website.

How do I get your IDX service integrated?  Can I do it myself?
There are two ways to get integrated.  We have a PHP API you can tap into and we also offer an easy-to-install plugin if your site is running on WordPress.  We have an integration guide that you can follow yourself to get it going.  Of course, we're here to help!  So if you have any trouble, we can step right in.

How does your IDX service differ from my current solution?
There are lots of differences, but one of the most apparent differences is that, by using our solution, all property listings and search forms are served directly from YOUR domain.  Most other common solutions host the listings on a separate domain name that isn't under your control.  Our method will help your ranking in search engines and generate some new incoming traffic.  Check out all the features our IDX service offers.