Our Santa Barbara IDX Solution



We've built our IDX solution to help maximize the search engine optimization (SEO) efforts you've put into your website.  If you haven't done any SEO yet, integrating our IDX solution is a great place to start.  The search engine friendly listings are easily indexable by all of today's top-tier search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Ask, and AOL.  We've used the best SEO practices so that when listings appear on your website, search engines are able to parse and easily index the content - giving your search engine ranking a boost when searching for relevant keywords and phrases.

Our solution also offers you a customized XML feed of all the real estate listings in the Santa Barbara MLS with links pointing back directly to each listing's URL on your website.  By using this XML feed within your website's sitemap, search engines are able to easily index each and every listing by their address.


Santa Barbara IDX MLS Search FormWe've put a lot of thought into the design of our IDX solution.  The standard and quick search forms are logically laid out and offer several criteria from which to search - allowing home buyers to find exactly what they're looking for.  Search results include large photos and enough information about a listing for your website's visitors to know whether or not they're interested seeing more information about that property without wasting their time - a time-saving feature that they'll appreciate.  Other time-saving features include the ability for visitors to bookmark their favorite listings as well as their search criteria so all that information is at their fingertips the next time they visit your website.



Print Friendly ListingsOne of our personal pet peeves is printing a page from the internet and having a bunch of text & graphics we don't need get printed alongside the content we actually want.  So we took that into consideration when building our IDX solution.  When home buyers print property listings off your website, what they'll get is a neatly laid out property listing without all the "extra" stuff that you see on the website.  Your photo & contact information gets printed along with the listing - essentially branding the printed output - so that visitors have your information with them when looking at that property listing.


Edit PhotosThe ability to customize photos and descriptions for your listings will allow you to set the listing apart from the listing as it appears on other agent's websites.  Since the Santa Barbara MLS limits the length of the remarks you can make about a listing, you aren't always able to say everything you want to say.  But now you can let your clients read everything you want to say about it and add as many photos as you want.  By uploading high resolution photos (another limitation of the MLS) to the listing using Santa Barbara IDX, you'll ensure that your website's visitors can see the details in the photos.


Facebook ShareWhen you sign up for the Santa Barbara IDX service, you also get your own Facebook application meant to brand any Facebook shares initiated from your website.  Whenever a website visitor clicks the "Share on Facebook" link on a property listing's page, their Facebook post gets branded with your name and a link back to not only the listing's page, but also back to your main website.  This will help in two ways: name recognition and search engine ranking.



ClockWe recognize how important it is for property listing information to be up to date.  For that reason, the Santa Barbara IDX system updates every 15 minutes - keeping the listings current and a perfect match to the data found in the Santa Barbara MLS.

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